Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read all the terms and conditions before booking. These apply to all our wedding bookings here at Samantha Price Health and Beauty.


1. Definitions

The Client: The recipient of the service and name listed on the booking form.

Makeup Artist: Samantha Price 

The Agreement: The contract that exists between the client and Samantha Price for the agreed fee.

The fee: The amount payable by the client to the makeup artist for the services listed above

The event: Relates in principal to the date whereby the event or the wedding takes place.

The party: Additional members of the bridal party or any other persons needing makeup on the day.


Securing the booking of the event

2. Bookings can be made through email, telephone and webpage.


Securing the booking of the event: The booking of the event is only reserved once the client has paid the non-refundable booking fee of £100 to the makeup artist.
 Arranging a trial does not reserve the makeup artist’s services for the event. Samantha Price will provide a booking summary and confirm receipt of booking fee. It is the clients responsibility to check the booking summary and ensue that Samantha Price is notified of any errors in writing within 7 days. If a client notifies Samantha Price after this period and Samantha Price is unable to fulfil the booking, cancellation fees may apply. 


 The final balance is the remainder plus travel expenses. 



3. Payment: Payments can be made in cash or via bank transfer. Cheques will not be accepted. The non-refundable booking fee of £100 paid by the client is taken off the total fee.
The trial is paid for at the time of trial £80.00.
The remaining balance is to be paid in full by the client 1 MONTH before your event date, unless otherwise agreed with Samantha Price. Failure to pay the fee within the stated time will result in the event being released.


Responsibility of the client

4. Responsibility of the client: The client shall inform the makeup artist of any issues that may affect the use of any equipment or products. This includes but is not limited to sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions. 
The makeup artist cannot be held liable for any losses that are incurred due to the client’s failure to inform them of any known condition. The makeup artist reserves the right to refuse service to the client or members the party for, but not limited to, abusive and threatening behavior.


Cancellations and Changes to booking

5. Cancellations/Changes to booking: Weddings must be cancelled in writing via email or telephone 4 months before the event. If booked later than 4 months before the wedding then 6 weeks’ notice is required, otherwise the client is liable to the full amount as was to be carried out in services by the artist agreed at the time of booking. Your booking fee and any charges incurred up to the date of cancellation are non refundable at any point.


A £100 cancellation fee will be charged if cancelled later than 4 weeks before the wedding including but not limited to the full amount contracted to the artist in services and any travel and call out charges. The makeup artist will be under no obligation to refund any money paid up until the point of cancellation, however, the client will not be liable for any further payments as long as appropriate notice is given. The client can cancel a trial at any point however a trial cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged for at 50% of the agreed rate.


Cancellations by the makeup artist due to circumstances including, but not limited to, problems affecting the makeup artists performance of their obligations where no other suitable alternative can be arranged, a full refund of the booking fee will be given to the client. No further compensation will be offered.
 If the booking is directly affected by circumstance beyond the control of the makeup artist including but not limited to weather conditions, safety reasons, Covid-19 or other such pandemic related events where possible the makeup artist will endeavor to rectify such situations however no compensation will be offered on the makeup artist part. It is strongly advised you take out wedding insurance to cover you against these situations.


Any changes made to the agreed booking specifications outlined in this contract (e.g. decrease in number of makeups or additional services required on the day of the wedding, location) must be made in writing a minimum of 2 months before the event. If booked later than 2 months before the wedding then 2 weeks’ notice is required, otherwise the client is liable to the full amount as was to be carried out in services by the artist. If you require an increase the number of makeups or additional services then please do let me know as soon as possible as I cannot guarantee to have available time on the day if not given sufficient time beforehand to prepare for add-ons. 


Date Changes – See terms of cancellation. For each date change an additional £100 non refundable booking fee will be charged. I also reserve the right to increase prices in correlation with my annual price increases for the new date agreed. 

Any changes must be made and agreed in writing. No changes will be accepted until you have received written confirmation from Samantha Price.


Gift Cards/Vouchers

6. Gift Cards/ Vouchers: All Gift Certificates are dated and expire 12 months from the date of issue. Gift Certificates cannot be exchanged for cash. Gift Cards/ Certificates are non-refundable. Gift Cards/ Certificates are non-transferable.



7. Photography: The client agrees that the makeup artist may use any photography for publicity purposes which include but are not limited to the makeup artists’ website and social media pages.


Travel expenses

8. Travel Expenses: The client will cover any necessary travel expenses of the makeup artist as agreed at time of booking including parking costs in necessary. Appointments must be arranged at a time convenient for the makeup artist and are held in premises. Otherwise, a call out charge will be applied.

Change of Location - We may need to add a travel charge if the location changes. 

Changes of location of bridal prep during wedding booking will incur a surcharge of £10.

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